Mirage 7th Anniversary

Most of you know our story but here it is again for our new pilots.

It was 7 years ago when Jonathan Enger started Mirage Executive Charters based at KSRQ (our first hub) down in Florida. Here is an excerpt from his post about our first anniversary: “I built the original MECva website in one long 12 hour day with a vision to create something different from every other cookie cutter airline VA out there. I envisioned a place where everybody was equal to each other and where members could voice their opinions on what they wanted to see and discuss it among other pilots in the forums. Also a place where the management team was in for the joy of the members, not always themselves.” Jonathan Enger

We have come a LONG way from our small beginnings! It all started with two pilots who applied on that first day Jonathan created the website. Then more joined in that first month and many of those pilots are still flying with MECva.

Thank you to all of our pilots for flying and being a part of the community here at MECva. Your inputs and opinions on where YOU thought Mirage should go have shaped it. Over the years your input was and still is crucial to Mirage!

Next, I want to thank everyone on our management team. Thank you so much for all of your hard work; Thierry, Todd, Jeff, Bill, Jon R, Jonathan S, & Pat L helping with routes, helping out pilots with their questions and many other things too numerous to mention here! We are blessed with a great team! You guys are the best!

Our partnership with MacAir (created by Captain Mac and his partner) started July of 2017.  We continue to share pilots, Group flights, DoTM flights, tours, etc and fun.

In the end, it has been a fun seven years at Mirage. We have something special here and it’s all because of you guys. Thank you so much and I look forward to many, many more years we can celebrate on March 1st!

We made the transition to phpVMS with smartCARS for our ACARS system & database just over three years ago now. Todd worked very hard behind the scenes to make sure everything works and looks right for us. He continues to make improvements to our system to keep things fresh.  Pilots love the Charter Ops module we added to the system.  Charter Ops has become our most popular activity since pilots can create their own routes on the fly (pun intended). Bill has been creating our running DoTM flights.  Those flights have created a lot of interest so check them out in our forum.

We are always open to your input so let us know how we are doing and any suggestions you have for improvement. It has been an exciting year for MECva and I expect the same for the next 12 months.  I thank you all for your participation and contributions to our VA.  Because of the generosity of our donating pilots the server fees are covered through the end of 2020.  When you have time look at the finances under the “About Us” menu and create annual reports for each year.  Add the years up to see how much money you have earned for Mirage Executive Charters;   $509.3 million just in 2018 alone. 

Blue Skies,

Posted By: Jerry Hayman

News Id: 108 posted on 2019-03-01 05:14:13
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