Joint VA Badge


We have been partners with MacAir since their VA opened.  We highly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to join with MacAir as they offer a different format than the usual VA with a lot of variation; Historic, Cargo, Schedules & the Pro divisions.   Since early 2018 we have provided a badge for all our pilots who enjoy joint membership at both Mirage Executive Charters and MacAir.  All you have to do is identify yourself to a staff admin to get your special "VA Partners" badge awarded. 

Please private message or email an Admin if you are indeed a member of both VA's and we'll issue your badge!

Thank you to everyone for supporting these fantastic VA's!

You should also notify an admin at MacAir so they can award your badge there.

Posted By: Jerry Hayman

News Id: 160 posted on 2020-09-02 20:12:18
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