Mirage Chile Tour

Flanked by two mountain ranges that make up about 80% of the territory, the Andes mountains to the east-natural border with Bolivia and Argentina in the region of Atacama and the Coastal Range west-minor height from the Andes. Chile's highest peak is the Nevado Ojos del Salado, at 6891.3 m, which is also the highest volcano in the world. Among the coastal mountains and the Pacific is a series of coastal plains, of variable length, which allow the settlement of coastal towns and big ports.

This tour will take you from the northern most airport to the southern tip of Chile, a total of 16 airports. From the southern Pacific beaches to the snow capped Andes mountains you'll enjoy visiting this magical land.

Most of the legs are pretty short with just a few exceptions so your choice of GA aircraft is suggested but as always feel free to fly anything in your hanger.

Tour created by MEC031 Tom T.   Thank you Tom.

Posted By: Jerry Hayman

News Id: 183 posted on 2021-04-23 15:58:48
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