Seychelles Island Tour

Bill has created a new tour for us.  This one will really big nice this winter if you get cold.  Check out the nice sand beaches along the way.

Here is the text of his tour:

Mirage is looking at opening routes in the Seychelles Islands and are looking for some pilots to head down there to scout out the area for us.  We have a list of islands that we want you to fly to, 16 in total.  When you are there, we would like you to look at want the area has to offer in the way of tourism; fishing, diving, hotels, bars and resturants.  Talk to the local people and see what they think the island has to offer our passengers.  Mostly look to see how much tourism and local usage our airline would recieve and is it worth it.  We will fly you in using an international flight to Mahe, where you will pick up your aircraft for the flights around the islands.  Choose your aircraft carefully, some of the airports are only grass runways on small islands.  Also, a couple of the flight legs are long, longest being just over 500nm.  The last leg brings you back to Mahe where you will take another international flight home.  Have fun down there, enjoy the islands and let us know how it went.    Tour built by MEC011 Bill P.

Posted By: Jerry Hayman

News Id: 184 posted on 2021-07-07 10:05:12
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