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Status: Active
Description: South Africa is located on the southern tip of Africa, with coastlines on both the Atlantic and Indian oceans. Africa’s third-largest economy behind Nigeria and Egypt, South Africa draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year eager to see its impressive terrain, wildlife and cultural diversity. While the country is dotted with world-class dining, trendy shops, sprawling vineyards and upscale safari lodges, townships lacking basic infrastructure are often only a short distance away. On this tour you'll explore 14 different cities and airports. The default plane is the DHC 8-400 but feel free to use any of your choice. The shortest runway is 4265 feet so use care. All airport ICAO's have been verified in P3d and SimBrief. Tour created by MEC031 Tom T
South Africa Tour

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Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Cape Town International Airport (FACT)Pierre Van Ryneveld Airport (FAUP)TORAFR100DHC8382 nm
2Pierre Van Ryneveld Airport (FAUP)George Airport (FAGG)TORAFR101DHC8374 nm
3George Airport (FAGG)Kimberley Airport (FAKM)TORAFR102DHC8453 nm
4Kimberley Airport (FAKM)Verwoerd International Airport (FAPE)TORAFR103DHC8323 nm
5Verwoerd International Airport (FAPE)J B M Hertzog International Airport (FABL)TORAFR104DHC8296 nm
6J B M Hertzog International Airport (FABL)K. D. Matanzima Airport (FAUT)TORAFR105DHC8273 nm
7K. D. Matanzima Airport (FAUT)Pietermaritzburg Airport (FAPM)TORAFR106DHC8172 nm
8Pietermaritzburg Airport (FAPM)Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (FAKN)TORAFR107DHC8294 nm
9Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (FAKN)Lanseria Airport (FALA)TORAFR108DHC8179 nm
10Lanseria Airport (FALA)Richards Bay Airport (FARB)TORAFR109DHC8311 nm
11Richards Bay Airport (FARB)Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (FBSK)TORAFR110DHC8577 nm
12Sir Seretse Khama International Airport (FBSK)Hendrik Van Eck Airport (FAPH)TORAFR111DHC8323 nm
13Hendrik Van Eck Airport (FAPH)Polokwane International Airport (FAPP)TORAFR112DHC8117 nm
14Polokwane International Airport (FAPP)Malamala Airport (FAMD)TORAFR113DHC8147 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 4221 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: FACTLeg: 1 To: FAUPLeg: 2 To: FAGGLeg: 3 To: FAKMLeg: 4 To: FAPELeg: 5 To: FABLLeg: 6 To: FAUTLeg: 7 To: FAPMLeg: 8 To: FAKNLeg: 9 To: FALALeg: 10 To: FARBLeg: 11 To: FBSKLeg: 12 To: FAPHLeg: 13 To: FAPPLeg: 14 To: FAMDComplete
1Tom Taylor - MEC0031
2Richard Baker - MEC0307
3Gary Barns - MEC0032

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