Triple Crown Trails - part2 Tour Details

Status: Active
Description: TRIPLE CROWN TRAIL SERIES Pacific Crest Trail Tour (PCT). The Triple Crown Trail series will consist of three separate tours, the Appalachian Trail tour (AT), Continental Divide Trail tour (CDT) and Pacific Crest Trail tour (PCT). The Triple Crown refers to the three major U.S. long-distance hiking trails. The Triple Crown of Hiking is awarded to individuals who hike all 3 trails in their entirety. An award will be issued at the completion of each tour. The PCT is approx. 2,650 miles long. The southern terminus of the PCT is in Campo, Ca. at the Mexico border. The northern terminus is at Manning Park in British Columbia. The trail generally follows the crest of the Sierra Nevada & Cascade mountain ranges. This is a GA tour. There are many small airports with short runways on this tour, including 2 grass strips. Some of the towns on the tour are adjacent to the trail, however, due to the remoteness of the trail, some of the towns are located miles from the trail. Considering all the short runways, Jim recommends using a single engine Cessna type AC or Beech Baron 58 for this GA tour. A big thank you to MEC235 Jim S for building this Triple Crown Tour. BE AWARE: This tour was built in FSX so if you are flying newer sims there might be some airports no longer in the sim. BE AWARE: If you can't find the airport take the leading "K" from the ICAO and you might find it that way.
Triple Crown Trails - part2

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Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Brown Field Municipal Airport (KSDM)Warner Springs Gliderport Airport (CL35)TORPCT101DUKE TURBINE45 nm
2Warner Springs Gliderport Airport (CL35)Big Bear City Airport (KL35)TORPCT102DUKE TURBINE59 nm
3Big Bear City Airport (KL35)Agua Dulce Airport (L70)TORPCT103DUKE TURBINE74 nm
4Agua Dulce Airport (L70)Tehachapi Municipal Airport (KTSP)TORPCT104DUKE TURBINE38 nm
5Tehachapi Municipal Airport (KTSP)Kern Valley Airport (KL05)TORPCT105DUKE TURBINE36 nm
6Kern Valley Airport (KL05)Mammoth Yosemite Airport (KMMH)TORPCT106DUKE TURBINE116 nm
7Mammoth Yosemite Airport (KMMH)Lake Tahoe Airport (KTVL)TORPCT107DUKE TURBINE94 nm
8Lake Tahoe Airport (KTVL)Truckee Tahoe Airport (KTRK)TORPCT108DUKE TURBINE26 nm
9Truckee Tahoe Airport (KTRK)Rogers Field (KO05)TORPCT109DUKE TURBINE77 nm
10Rogers Field (KO05)Dunsmuir Municipal-Mott Airport (1O6)TORPCT110DUKE TURBINE75 nm
11Dunsmuir Municipal-Mott Airport (1O6)Ashland Municipal Sumner Parker Field (KS03)TORPCT111DUKE TURBINE58 nm
12Ashland Municipal Sumner Parker Field (KS03)Prospect State Airport (K64S)TORPCT112DUKE TURBINE34 nm
13Prospect State Airport (K64S)Crescent Lake State Airport (K5S2)TORPCT113DUKE TURBINE53 nm
14Crescent Lake State Airport (K5S2)Sisters Eagle Air Airport (K6K5)TORPCT114DUKE TURBINE50 nm
15Sisters Eagle Air Airport (K6K5)Cascade Locks State Airport (KCZK)TORPCT115DUKE TURBINE84 nm
16Cascade Locks State Airport (KCZK)Packwood Airport (55S)TORPCT116DUKE TURBINE56 nm
17Packwood Airport (55S)Ranger Creek Airport (21W)TORPCT117DUKE TURBINE25 nm
18Ranger Creek Airport (21W)Skykomish State Airport (S88)TORPCT118DUKE TURBINE43 nm
19Skykomish State Airport (S88)Hope Airport (CYHE)TORPCT119DUKE TURBINE100 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1143 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: KSDMLeg: 1 To: CL35Leg: 2 To: KL35Leg: 3 To: L70Leg: 4 To: KTSPLeg: 5 To: KL05Leg: 6 To: KMMHLeg: 7 To: KTVLLeg: 8 To: KTRKLeg: 9 To: KO05Leg: 10 To: 1O6Leg: 11 To: KS03Leg: 12 To: K64SLeg: 13 To: K5S2Leg: 14 To: K6K5Leg: 15 To: KCZKLeg: 16 To: 55SLeg: 17 To: 21WLeg: 18 To: S88Leg: 19 To: CYHEComplete
1Tom Taylor - MEC0031
2Dave Anderson - MEC0025
3Jim SIMS - MEC0235
4William Podolak - MEC0011         
5Gary Brooks - MEC0542
6Nick Koos - MEC0045
7Gary Barns - MEC0032

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