US GA 4 Corners Arizona Tour Details

Status: Active
Description: Welcome to Arizona, coinciding with the other “Four Monument” states of Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado. As with the others, this tour begins and ends at KFMN – Four Corners Regional Airport. Once you complete the 4 parts you will be issued the "Completed Badge" for the 4 Corners Tour. For you daredevil pilots out there, you just might love this tour. You’ll have a chance to fly down under the radar weaving through the Grand Canyon. Hopefully you find this tour to be quite a bit of fun. Be warned that somewhere along the canyon they put up a large glass walking bridge jutting out into the middle of it, so don’t pull up too soon. In FSX it’s a rather boring event, but it may appear to be more prominent in P3D or X-Plane. (if so, please post a screenshot of it). If you fly direct to each airport you’ll miss sections of the canyon, so I would highly recommend full VFR flying. These GA Tours were built for GA aircraft but with Mirage, as usual, you may fly any aircraft of your choosing. Just be sure you have the fuel needed and can manage the runway length. Thanks to Greg J at MacAir for this tour, however, Pat and I decided to build it in reverse from theirs. Enjoy the flights!
US GA 4 Corners Arizona

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Four Corners Regional Airport (KFMN)Kayenta Airport (K0V7)TORGAT141KING AIR C9097 nm
2Kayenta Airport (K0V7)Page Municipal Airport (KPGA)TORGAT142KING AIR C9060 nm
3Page Municipal Airport (KPGA)Colorado City Municipal Airport (KAZC)TORGAT143KING AIR C9075 nm
4Colorado City Municipal Airport (KAZC)Marble Canyon Airport (KL41)TORGAT144KING AIR C9067 nm
5Marble Canyon Airport (KL41)Grand Canyon National Park Airport (KGCN)TORGAT145KING AIR C9057 nm
6Grand Canyon National Park Airport (KGCN)Grand Canyon Bar Ten Airstrip (1Z1)TORGAT146KING AIR C9056 nm
7Grand Canyon Bar Ten Airstrip (1Z1)Hualapai Airport (3AZ5)TORGAT147KING AIR C9041 nm
8Hualapai Airport (3AZ5)Grand Canyon West Airport (K1G4)TORGAT148KING AIR C9036 nm
9Grand Canyon West Airport (K1G4)Temple Bar Airport (KU30)TORGAT149KING AIR C9025 nm
10Temple Bar Airport (KU30)Lake Havasu City Airport (KHII)TORGAT150KING AIR C9087 nm
11Lake Havasu City Airport (KHII)Indian Hills Airpark (2AZ1)TORGAT151KING AIR C9061 nm
12Indian Hills Airpark (2AZ1)Laguna Army Air Field (KLGF)TORGAT152KING AIR C9067 nm
13Laguna Army Air Field (KLGF)Gila Bend Municipal Airport (KE63)TORGAT153KING AIR C9087 nm
14Gila Bend Municipal Airport (KE63)Pinal Airpark (KMZJ)TORGAT154KING AIR C9073 nm
15Pinal Airpark (KMZJ)San Carlos Apache Airport (KP13)TORGAT155KING AIR C9060 nm
16San Carlos Apache Airport (KP13)Sky Ranch At Carefree Airport (18AZ)TORGAT156KING AIR C9068 nm
17Sky Ranch At Carefree Airport (18AZ)Sedona Airport (KSEZ)TORGAT157KING AIR C9062 nm
18Sedona Airport (KSEZ)Holbrook Municipal Airport (KP14)TORGAT158KING AIR C9081 nm
19Holbrook Municipal Airport (KP14)Kayenta Airport (K0V7)TORGAT159KING AIR C9068 nm
20Kayenta Airport (K0V7)Four Corners Regional Airport (KFMN)TORGAT160KING AIR C9077 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1305 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: KFMNLeg: 1 To: K0V7Leg: 2 To: KPGALeg: 3 To: KAZCLeg: 4 To: KL41Leg: 5 To: KGCNLeg: 6 To: 1Z1Leg: 7 To: 3AZ5Leg: 8 To: K1G4Leg: 9 To: KU30Leg: 10 To: KHIILeg: 11 To: 2AZ1Leg: 12 To: KLGFLeg: 13 To: KE63Leg: 14 To: KMZJLeg: 15 To: KP13Leg: 16 To: 18AZLeg: 17 To: KSEZLeg: 18 To: KP14Leg: 19 To: K0V7Leg: 20 To: KFMNComplete
1Tom Taylor - MEC0031
2Rick Peabody - MEC0180                   
3Jon Richardson - MEC0013              
4Dave Anderson - MEC0025                  
5William Podolak - MEC0011       
6Gary Barns - MEC0032
7Jim SIMS - MEC0235
8RAOUF RIZK - MEC0318                     

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