US GA 4 Corners Utah Tour Details

Status: Active
Description: This tour runs you through the state of Utah, coinciding with the other “Four Monument” states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. As with the others, this tour begins and ends at KFMN – Four Corners Regional Airport. Many of the airports you’ll be landing at are owned or controlled by Indian tribes which then lead to good mountain-biking and hiking trails throughout the countryside. One of the more notable ones being Bryce Canyon. Most airports along the south of the state will have you landing in canyon valleys, which will hopefully add some appeal to the flights. In the north this tour would have been a fail if you didn’t at least have one flight taking you over the Great Salt Lake. Bring along plenty of water if you want to do any hiking or biking. Just be sure the bike rack on top of the plane is stable and secure before taking off… You will find the routes in our scheduled routes. For airports that have a 3 digit ICAO if you can’t find it in your sim put a K in front of the 3 digits. Thanks to Steve K. for all the hard work on this one. These GA Tours were built for GA aircraft but with Mirage, as usual, you may fly any aircraft of your choosing. Just be sure you have the fuel needed and can manage the runway length. Thanks to Greg J at MacAir for this tour, however, Pat and I decided to build it in reverse from theirs. Enjoy the flights!
 US GA 4 Corners Utah

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Four Corners Regional Airport (KFMN)Monticello Airport (KU64)TORGAT121KING AIR C9089 nm
2Monticello Airport (KU64)Canyonlands Field (KCNY)TORGAT122KING AIR C9053 nm
3Canyonlands Field (KCNY)Carbon County Airport (KPUC)TORGAT123KING AIR C9069 nm
4Carbon County Airport (KPUC)Dutch John Airport (K33U)TORGAT124KING AIR C90100 nm
5Dutch John Airport (K33U)Spanish Fork-Springville Airport (KSPK)TORGAT125KING AIR C90114 nm
6Spanish Fork-Springville Airport (KSPK)Skypark Airport (KBTF)TORGAT126KING AIR C9045 nm
7Skypark Airport (KBTF)Brigham City Airport (KBMC)TORGAT127KING AIR C9042 nm
8Brigham City Airport (KBMC)Wendover Airport (KENV)TORGAT128KING AIR C90102 nm
9Wendover Airport (KENV)Delta Municipal Airport (KDTA)TORGAT129KING AIR C90107 nm
10Delta Municipal Airport (KDTA)Manti Ephraim Airport (K41U)TORGAT130KING AIR C9042 nm
11Manti Ephraim Airport (K41U)Richfield Municipal Airport (KRIF)TORGAT131KING AIR C9042 nm
12Richfield Municipal Airport (KRIF)Beaver Municipal Airport (KU52)TORGAT132KING AIR C9041 nm
13Beaver Municipal Airport (KU52)General Dick Stout Field (K1L8)TORGAT133KING AIR C9072 nm
14General Dick Stout Field (K1L8)Kanab Municipal Airport (KKNB)TORGAT134KING AIR C9038 nm
15Kanab Municipal Airport (KKNB)Bryce Canyon Airport (KBCE)TORGAT135KING AIR C9046 nm
16Bryce Canyon Airport (KBCE)Wayne Wonderland Airport (K38U)TORGAT136KING AIR C9047 nm
17Wayne Wonderland Airport (K38U)Hanksville Airport (KHVE)TORGAT137KING AIR C9042 nm
18Hanksville Airport (KHVE)Bullfrog Basin Airport (KU07)TORGAT138KING AIR C9052 nm
19Bullfrog Basin Airport (KU07)Blanding Municipal Airport (KBDG)TORGAT139KING AIR C9059 nm
20Blanding Municipal Airport (KBDG)Four Corners Regional Airport (KFMN)TORGAT140KING AIR C9078 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1280 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: KFMNLeg: 1 To: KU64Leg: 2 To: KCNYLeg: 3 To: KPUCLeg: 4 To: K33ULeg: 5 To: KSPKLeg: 6 To: KBTFLeg: 7 To: KBMCLeg: 8 To: KENVLeg: 9 To: KDTALeg: 10 To: K41ULeg: 11 To: KRIFLeg: 12 To: KU52Leg: 13 To: K1L8Leg: 14 To: KKNBLeg: 15 To: KBCELeg: 16 To: K38ULeg: 17 To: KHVELeg: 18 To: KU07Leg: 19 To: KBDGLeg: 20 To: KFMNComplete
1Tom Taylor - MEC0031
2Jon Richardson - MEC0013                     
3Gary Barns - MEC0032
4RAOUF RIZK - MEC0318                     

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