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Status: Active
Description: Take a tour of the second largest ocean on our globe! You’ll travel north from the southeast coast of the United States up through Canada. Cross the freezing waters as you stop in Greenland, Iceland and finally Europe. From there you’ll travel south to the deserts of Africa before you make your longest leg of over 1,500 nm to South America. After a few island hops you’ll be back in the USA. Enjoy!! Tour provided by MEC309 Dustin S.
Atlantic Tour

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Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Kendall Tamiami Executive Airport (KTMB)Asheville Regional Airport (KAVL)TORATL101DHC8596 nm
2Asheville Regional Airport (KAVL)Long Island MacArthur Airport (KISP)TORATL102DHC8550 nm
3Long Island MacArthur Airport (KISP)St Johns International Airport (CYYT)TORATL103DHC8965 nm
4St Johns International Airport (CYYT)Nuuk Airport (BGGH)TORATL104DHC8996 nm
5Nuuk Airport (BGGH)Keflavik International Airport (BIKF)TORATL105DHC8760 nm
6Keflavik International Airport (BIKF)Dublin Airport (EIDW)TORATL106DHC8810 nm
7Dublin Airport (EIDW)Bilbao Airport (LEBB)TORATL107DHC8622 nm
8Bilbao Airport (LEBB)Ibn Batouta Airport (GMTT)TORATL108DHC8474 nm
9Ibn Batouta Airport (GMTT)Tenerife Norte Airport (GCXO)TORATL109DHC8685 nm
10Tenerife Norte Airport (GCXO)Ziguinchor Airport (GOGG)TORATL110DHC8952 nm
11Ziguinchor Airport (GOGG)Roberts International Airport (GLRB)TORATL111DHC8515 nm
12Roberts International Airport (GLRB)Fernando de Noronha Airport (SBFN)TORATL112DHC81455 nm
13Fernando de Noronha Airport (SBFN)Val de Cans Airport (SBBE)TORATL113DHC8974 nm
14Val de Cans Airport (SBBE)Piarco International Airport (TTPP)TORATL114DHC81050 nm
15Piarco International Airport (TTPP)Princess Juliana International Airport (TNCM)TORATL115DHC8456 nm
16Princess Juliana International Airport (TNCM)JAGS McCartney International Airport (MBGT)TORATL116DHC8497 nm
17JAGS McCartney International Airport (MBGT)Kendall Tamiami Executive Airport (KTMB)TORATL117DHC8570 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 12927 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: KTMBLeg: 1 To: KAVLLeg: 2 To: KISPLeg: 3 To: CYYTLeg: 4 To: BGGHLeg: 5 To: BIKFLeg: 6 To: EIDWLeg: 7 To: LEBBLeg: 8 To: GMTTLeg: 9 To: GCXOLeg: 10 To: GOGGLeg: 11 To: GLRBLeg: 12 To: SBFNLeg: 13 To: SBBELeg: 14 To: TTPPLeg: 15 To: TNCMLeg: 16 To: MBGTLeg: 17 To: KTMBComplete
1Dustin Sellers - MEC0309
2Gideon Culpepper - MEC0005                  
3Tom Taylor - MEC0031

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