Amtrak Northern Part 1 Tour Details

Status: Active
Description: The North America Rail Series consists of 4 tours which will follow various Amtrak & Canadian passenger rail routes. There are 3 Amtrak tours that will cover north, central and southern United States. There is 1 Canadian tour that will go from the west coast of Canada to the east coast. An award badge will be awarded at the completion of each tour. A series completion badge will be issued at the completion of all 4 tours. The Amtrak Northern Tour is a 2 part tour and is the longest of the North America Rail series. The tour will go coast to coast from Boston to Seattle. The tour will follow the Amtrak Lake Shore Limited route from Boston to Chicago. From Chicago, the tour follows the Amtrak Empire Builder to Portland. The final 2 legs will follow the Amtrak Cascades from Portland to our MEC hub KRNT in Seattle. Tour submitted by MEC235 Jim S, thanks Jim!

NOTE: This tour is primarily for GA aircraft, however, Lear/Corp jet aircraft are authorized for a few of the longer legs 200+ NM.

NOTAM: The correct ICAO for Yuma, AZ. is KNYL. FSX shows Yuma as KYUM.
Amtrak Northern Part 1

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Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Laurence G. Hanscom Field (KBED)Westover Air Reserve Base - Westover Metropolitan Airport (KCEF)TORAMN100DUKE TURBINE58 nm
2Westover Air Reserve Base - Westover Metropolitan Airport (KCEF)Albany International Airport (KALB)TORAMN101DUKE TURBINE65 nm
3Albany International Airport (KALB)Syracuse Hancock International Airport (KSYR)TORAMN102DUKE TURBINE104 nm
4Syracuse Hancock International Airport (KSYR)Buffalo Niagara International Airport (KBUF)TORAMN103DUKE TURBINE116 nm
5Buffalo Niagara International Airport (KBUF)Erie International Tom Ridge Field (KERI)TORAMN104DUKE TURBINE82 nm
6Erie International Tom Ridge Field (KERI)Burke Lakefront Airport (KBKL)TORAMN105DUKE TURBINE75 nm
7Burke Lakefront Airport (KBKL)Toledo Express Airport (KTOL)TORAMN106DUKE TURBINE95 nm
8Toledo Express Airport (KTOL)South Bend Regional Airport (KSBN)TORAMN107DUKE TURBINE113 nm
9South Bend Regional Airport (KSBN)Chicago Midway International Airport (KMDW)TORAMN108DUKE TURBINE64 nm
10Chicago Midway International Airport (KMDW)Lawrence J Timmerman Airport (KMWC)TORAMN109DUKE TURBINE80 nm
11Lawrence J Timmerman Airport (KMWC)La Crosse Municipal Airport (KLSE)TORAMN110DUKE TURBINE148 nm
12La Crosse Municipal Airport (KLSE)St Paul Downtown Holman Field (KSTP)TORAMN111DUKE TURBINE100 nm
13St Paul Downtown Holman Field (KSTP)Hector International Airport (KFAR)TORAMN112DUKE TURBINE197 nm
14Hector International Airport (KFAR)Grand Forks International Airport (KGFK)TORAMN113DUKE TURBINE63 nm
15Grand Forks International Airport (KGFK)Minot International Airport (KMOT)TORAMN114DUKE TURBINE165 nm
16Minot International Airport (KMOT)L M Clayton Airport (KOLF)TORAMN115DUKE TURBINE172 nm
17L M Clayton Airport (KOLF)Havre City County Airport (KHVR)TORAMN116DUKE TURBINE169 nm
18Havre City County Airport (KHVR)Cut Bank Municipal Airport (KCTB)TORAMN117DUKE TURBINE104 nm
19Cut Bank Municipal Airport (KCTB)Glacier Park International Airport (KGPI)TORAMN118DUKE TURBINE77 nm
20Glacier Park International Airport (KGPI)Sandpoint Airport (KSZT)TORAMN119DUKE TURBINE92 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 2139 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: KBEDLeg: 1 To: KCEFLeg: 2 To: KALBLeg: 3 To: KSYRLeg: 4 To: KBUFLeg: 5 To: KERILeg: 6 To: KBKLLeg: 7 To: KTOLLeg: 8 To: KSBNLeg: 9 To: KMDWLeg: 10 To: KMWCLeg: 11 To: KLSELeg: 12 To: KSTPLeg: 13 To: KFARLeg: 14 To: KGFKLeg: 15 To: KMOTLeg: 16 To: KOLFLeg: 17 To: KHVRLeg: 18 To: KCTBLeg: 19 To: KGPILeg: 20 To: KSZTComplete
1RAOUF RIZK - MEC0318                     
2Dave Anderson - MEC0025            
3Gary Barns - MEC0032
4Tom Taylor - MEC0031
5Jim SIMS - MEC0235
6William Podolak - MEC0011           

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