Loganair Tour - Part 2 Tour Details

Status: Active
Description: Loganair, Scotland’s airline, operates over 50 scheduled service routes in the UK, also serving Norway and Ireland and flying to more UK airports than any other airline. Loganair began flying under its own brand on 1 September 2017 after 25 years operating under franchise agreements. The airline carries a diverse mix of customers across its route network from business to leisure to visiting friends and family. It also provides exceptional connectivity beyond the United Kingdom through its hubs at Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester via its code share partners. Loganair has a fleet of 29 aircraft and operates five different types to meet the varied requirements of regional flying within the UK. The Loganair fleet consist of the following aircraft: Britten-Norman Islander, de Haviland DHC-6 Twin Otter, Dornier 328, Saab 340, and the Saab 2000. The fleet mix and type is required to deal with the challenging airfield environments i.e. short runways, Barra beach, and equally with the challenging weather conditions within Scotland. For this tour, you can fly any regional/commuter aircraft of your choice, but for realism, any of the above will be fine.
Loganair Tour - Part 2

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Benbecula Airport (EGPL)Stornoway Airport (EGPO)TORLOG18DHC855 nm
2Stornoway Airport (EGPO)Inverness Airport (EGPE)TORLOG19DHC883 nm
3Inverness Airport (EGPE)Wick Airport (EGPC)TORLOG20DHC863 nm
4Wick Airport (EGPC)Kirkwall Airport (EGPA)TORLOG21DHC831 nm
5Kirkwall Airport (EGPA)Westray Airport (EGEW)TORLOG22DHC824 nm
6Westray Airport (EGEW)Papa Westray Airport (EGEP)TORLOG23DHC82 nm
7Papa Westray Airport (EGEP)Eday Airport (EGED)TORLOG24DHC810 nm
8Eday Airport (EGED)Stronsay Airport (EGER)TORLOG25DHC85 nm
9Stronsay Airport (EGER)Sanday Airport (EGES)TORLOG26DHC86 nm
10Sanday Airport (EGES)North Ronaldsay Airport (EGEN)TORLOG27DHC88 nm
11North Ronaldsay Airport (EGEN)Fair Isle Airport (EGEF)TORLOG28DHC827 nm
12Fair Isle Airport (EGEF)Sumburgh Airport (EGPB)TORLOG29DHC823 nm
13Sumburgh Airport (EGPB)Bergen Airport Flesland (ENBR)TORLOG30DHC8197 nm
14Bergen Airport Flesland (ENBR)Aberdeen Dyce Airport (EGPD)TORLOG31DHC8296 nm
15Aberdeen Dyce Airport (EGPD)Dundee Airport (EGPN)TORLOG32DHC853 nm
16Dundee Airport (EGPN)Glasgow International Airport (EGPF)TORLOG33DHC859 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 942 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: EGPLLeg: 1 To: EGPOLeg: 2 To: EGPELeg: 3 To: EGPCLeg: 4 To: EGPALeg: 5 To: EGEWLeg: 6 To: EGEPLeg: 7 To: EGEDLeg: 8 To: EGERLeg: 9 To: EGESLeg: 10 To: EGENLeg: 11 To: EGEFLeg: 12 To: EGPBLeg: 13 To: ENBRLeg: 14 To: EGPDLeg: 15 To: EGPNLeg: 16 To: EGPFComplete
1Tom Taylor - MEC0031
2William Podolak - MEC0011
3Rick Peabody - MEC0180
4Dave Anderson - MEC0025            
5Lee Stubblefield - MEC0033
6Gary Barns - MEC0032
7DAVID WILEY - MEC0277                 

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