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Status: Active
Description: The Almost Heaven Tour. You will be flying around the "Wild and Wonderful" state of West Virginia starting in the Eastern Panhandle, flying over the Appalachian Mountains, up into the northern peak of the state to Wheeling (the once state capitol before it was moved to Charleston), then south into the rolling green hills of Hillbilly country. The state is noted for its mountains and rolling hills, its historically significant logging and coal mining industries. It is also known for a wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities, including skiing, whitewater rafting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and hunting. The tour consists of 17 short GA flights to showcase the beauty of this "Mountain Momma" state. You can almost hear John Denver singing! This tour created by MEC011 William P; Thank you Bill
Almost Heaven Tour

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Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Eastern Wv Regional Shepherd Field (KMRB)Grant County Airport (KW99)TORTORWV01DUKE TURBINE60 nm
2Grant County Airport (KW99)Upshur Co Regional Airport (KW22)TORTORWV02DUKE TURBINE53 nm
3Upshur Co Regional Airport (KW22)Harrison Marion Regional Airport (KCKB)TORTORWV03DUKE TURBINE18 nm
4Harrison Marion Regional Airport (KCKB)Morgantown Municipal Walter L Bill Hart Field (KMGW)TORTORWV04DUKE TURBINE25 nm
5Morgantown Municipal Walter L Bill Hart Field (KMGW)Wheeling Ohio County Airport (KHLG)TORTORWV05DUKE TURBINE46 nm
6Wheeling Ohio County Airport (KHLG)Mid Ohio Valley Regional Airport (KPKB)TORTORWV06DUKE TURBINE62 nm
7Mid Ohio Valley Regional Airport (KPKB)Tri State Milton J Ferguson Field (KHTS)TORTORWV07DUKE TURBINE31 nm
8Tri State Milton J Ferguson Field (KHTS)Yeager Airport (KCRW)TORTORWV08DUKE TURBINE48 nm
9Yeager Airport (KCRW)New River Gorge Airport (WV32)TORTORWV09DUKE TURBINE46 nm
10New River Gorge Airport (WV32)Braxton County Airport (K48I)TORTORWV10DUKE TURBINE30 nm
11Braxton County Airport (K48I)Summersville Airport (KSXL)TORTORWV11DUKE TURBINE13 nm
12Summersville Airport (KSXL)Raleigh County Memorial Airport (KBKW)TORTORWV12DUKE TURBINE29 nm
13Raleigh County Memorial Airport (KBKW)Greenbrier Valley Airport (KLWB)TORTORWV13DUKE TURBINE35 nm
14Greenbrier Valley Airport (KLWB)Richwood Municipal Airport (K3I4)TORTORWV14DUKE TURBINE27 nm
15Richwood Municipal Airport (K3I4)Elkins Randolph County Jennings Randolph Airport (KEKN)TORTORWV15DUKE TURBINE53 nm
16Elkins Randolph County Jennings Randolph Airport (KEKN)Windwood Fly In Resort Airport (WV62)TORTORWV16DUKE TURBINE22 nm
17Windwood Fly In Resort Airport (WV62)Eastern Wv Regional Shepherd Field (KMRB)TORTORWV17DUKE TURBINE70 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 668 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: KMRBLeg: 1 To: KW99Leg: 2 To: KW22Leg: 3 To: KCKBLeg: 4 To: KMGWLeg: 5 To: KHLGLeg: 6 To: KPKBLeg: 7 To: KHTSLeg: 8 To: KCRWLeg: 9 To: WV32Leg: 10 To: K48ILeg: 11 To: KSXLLeg: 12 To: KBKWLeg: 13 To: KLWBLeg: 14 To: K3I4Leg: 15 To: KEKNLeg: 16 To: WV62Leg: 17 To: KMRBComplete
1William Podolak - MEC0011
2Tom Taylor - MEC0031                
3Gideon Culpepper - MEC0005          
4Jon Richardson - MEC0013
5Peter Goodman - MEC0219         
6Gary Barns - MEC0032
7Dave Anderson - MEC0025
8Jim SIMS - MEC0235

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