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Status: Active
Description: Wenatchee, Washington, is a city located in north-central Washington state. Wenatchee is located at the confluence of the Wenatchee and Columbia rivers in the Columbia Basin, just east of the foothills of the Cascade Range.

The city was named for the nearby Wenatchi Indian tribe. The name means "river which comes from canyons" or "robe of the rainbow". Awenatchela means "people at the source [of a river]". The city of Wenatchee shares its name with the Wenatchee River, Lake Wenatchee and the Wenatchee National Forest.

Jump in your favorite bush plane and take a little sightseeing trip through the Cascade Mountains from Penticton, British Columbia to Wenatchee. Total tour distance is 246 NM.

Wenatchee Tour

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Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Penticton Airport (CYYF)Oliver Airport (CAU3)TOREAT01B787-90018 nm
2Oliver Airport (CAU3)Osoyoos Airport (CBB9)TOREAT02B787-9009 nm
3Osoyoos Airport (CBB9)Dorothy Scott (0S7)TOREAT03B787-9006 nm
4Dorothy Scott (0S7)Tonasket Mun (W01)TOREAT04B787-90014 nm
5Tonasket Mun (W01)Omak Airport (KOMK)TOREAT05B787-90016 nm
6Omak Airport (KOMK)Okanogan Legion Airport (S35)TOREAT06B787-9007 nm
7Okanogan Legion Airport (S35)Anderson (S97)TOREAT07B787-90017 nm
8Anderson (S97)Twisp Mun (2S0)TOREAT08B787-90021 nm
9Twisp Mun (2S0)Methow Valley State (S52)TOREAT09B787-9005 nm
10Methow Valley State (S52)Stehekin State Airport (6S9)TOREAT10B787-90023 nm
11Stehekin State Airport (6S9)Chelan Mun (S10)TOREAT11B787-90042 nm
12Chelan Mun (S10)Ross Private Strip (5WA5)TOREAT12B787-90010 nm
13Ross Private Strip (5WA5)Lake Wenatchee State Airport (27W)TOREAT13B787-90023 nm
14Lake Wenatchee State Airport (27W)Johnson's Landing (3WA1)TOREAT14B787-90013 nm
15Johnson's Landing (3WA1)Cashmere-Dryden Airport (8S2)TOREAT15B787-9009 nm
16Cashmere-Dryden Airport (8S2)Pangborn Memorial Airport (KEAT)TOREAT16B787-90013 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 246 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: CYYFLeg: 1 To: CAU3Leg: 2 To: CBB9Leg: 3 To: 0S7Leg: 4 To: W01Leg: 5 To: KOMKLeg: 6 To: S35Leg: 7 To: S97Leg: 8 To: 2S0Leg: 9 To: S52Leg: 10 To: 6S9Leg: 11 To: S10Leg: 12 To: 5WA5Leg: 13 To: 27WLeg: 14 To: 3WA1Leg: 15 To: 8S2Leg: 16 To: KEATComplete
1William Podolak - MEC0011
2Jeff Hoffman - MEC0007
3Gary Barns - MEC0032
4Jon Richardson - MEC0013
5Dave Anderson - MEC0025      
6Thierry Debelle - MEC0003
7Jerry Hayman - MEC0001
8Todd Cox - MEC0002                 
9Joacim Olsson - MEC0334
10Jim Cruse - MEC0279
11Tom Taylor - MEC0031

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