New Zealand Tour Part 1 Tour Details

Status: Active
Description: We're going "down under" to the magical land known as New Zealand. It consists of two main landmasses—the North Island and the South Island and more than 700 smaller islands. The country's varied topography and sharp mountain peaks, owe much to tectonic uplift and volcanic eruptions will provide many beautiful scenic views. This is part one of a 2 part tour. You must complete both tours to earn the award badge. Although it calls for the Twin Otter fly whatever you are comfortable with. Enjoy! Tour built by Tom T MEC031
New Zealand Tour Part 1

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Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Kaitaia Airport (NZKT)Kerikeri Airport (NZKK)TORNZ101DHC6-30033 nm
2Kerikeri Airport (NZKK)Whangarei Airport (NZWR)TORNZ102DHC6-30038 nm
3Whangarei Airport (NZWR)RNZAF Base Auckland-Whenuapai (NZWP)TORNZ103DHC6-30063 nm
4RNZAF Base Auckland-Whenuapai (NZWP)Auckland International Airport (NZAA)TORNZ104DHC6-30015 nm
5Auckland International Airport (NZAA)Hamilton Airport (NZHN)TORNZ105DHC6-30058 nm
6Hamilton Airport (NZHN)Tauranga Airport (NZTG)TORNZ106DHC6-30043 nm
7Tauranga Airport (NZTG)Whakatane Airport (NZWK)TORNZ107DHC6-30037 nm
8Whakatane Airport (NZWK)Rotorua Regional Airport (NZRO)TORNZ108DHC6-30030 nm
9Rotorua Regional Airport (NZRO)Gisborne Airport (NZGS)TORNZ109DHC6-30085 nm
10Gisborne Airport (NZGS)Taupo Airport (NZAP)TORNZ110DHC6-30089 nm
11Taupo Airport (NZAP)New Plymouth Airport (NZNP)TORNZ111DHC6-30091 nm
12New Plymouth Airport (NZNP)Napier Airport (NZNR)TORNZ112DHC6-300128 nm
13Napier Airport (NZNR)Wanganui Airport (NZWU)TORNZ113DHC6-30090 nm
14Wanganui Airport (NZWU)Palmerston North Airport (NZPM)TORNZ114DHC6-30035 nm
15Palmerston North Airport (NZPM)Hood Airport (NZMS)TORNZ115DHC6-30039 nm
16Hood Airport (NZMS)Paraparaumu Airport (NZPP)TORNZ116DHC6-30029 nm
17Paraparaumu Airport (NZPP)Wellington International Airport (NZWN)TORNZ117DHC6-30027 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 930 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: NZKTLeg: 1 To: NZKKLeg: 2 To: NZWRLeg: 3 To: NZWPLeg: 4 To: NZAALeg: 5 To: NZHNLeg: 6 To: NZTGLeg: 7 To: NZWKLeg: 8 To: NZROLeg: 9 To: NZGSLeg: 10 To: NZAPLeg: 11 To: NZNPLeg: 12 To: NZNRLeg: 13 To: NZWULeg: 14 To: NZPMLeg: 15 To: NZMSLeg: 16 To: NZPPLeg: 17 To: NZWNComplete
1Joacim Olsson - MEC0334
2Pat Leclerc - MEC0157
3Jerry Hayman - MEC0001
4Thierry Debelle - MEC0003      
5Peter Goodman - MEC0219
6Jim Cruse - MEC0279
7Tom Taylor - MEC0031
8Gary Barns - MEC0032
9Gary Brooks - MEC0542
10William Podolak - MEC0011             
11Dave Anderson - MEC0025                 

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