Mississippi River Tour (MRT) - Part 1 Tour Details

Status: Active
Description: One of the major rivers of North America, the length of the Mississippi River from its source in Lake Itasca in northwestern Minnesota to its mouth in the Gulf of Mexico flows 2,348 miles; it is the second longest river in the United States behind the Missouri (2,466 miles). The Tour starts your adventure east of Lake Itasca, Minnesota and continues via 24 legs down to New Orleans, Louisiana. The first 12 legs from Bemidji Regional Airport (KBJI) in Minnesota to Tri Township Airport (KSFY) in Illinois completes this first part of the tour. Aircraft to be used should be a general aviation single or multiengined prop.
Mississippi River Tour (MRT) - Part 1

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Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Bemidji Regional Airport (KBJI)Grand Rapids Itasca Co Gordon Newstrom Airport (KGPZ)TORMRT1KING AIR C9061 nm
2Grand Rapids Itasca Co Gordon Newstrom Airport (KGPZ)Aitkin Municipal Steve Kurtz Field (KAIT)TORMRT2KING AIR C9041 nm
3Aitkin Municipal Steve Kurtz Field (KAIT)Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport (KBRD)TORMRT3KING AIR C9021 nm
4Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport (KBRD)Little Falls Morrison County Airport (KLXL)TORMRT4KING AIR C9028 nm
5Little Falls Morrison County Airport (KLXL)St Cloud Regional Airport (KSTC)TORMRT5KING AIR C9027 nm
6St Cloud Regional Airport (KSTC)St Paul Downtown Holman Field (KSTP)TORMRT6KING AIR C9056 nm
7St Paul Downtown Holman Field (KSTP)Red Wing Regional Airport (KRGK)TORMRT7KING AIR C9032 nm
8Red Wing Regional Airport (KRGK)Winona Municipal Max Conrad Field (KONA)TORMRT8KING AIR C9045 nm
9Winona Municipal Max Conrad Field (KONA)La Crosse Municipal Airport (KLSE)TORMRT9KING AIR C9023 nm
10La Crosse Municipal Airport (KLSE)Prairie Du Chien Municipal Airport (KPDC)TORMRT10KING AIR C9052 nm
11Prairie Du Chien Municipal Airport (KPDC)Dubuque Regional Airport (KDBQ)TORMRT11KING AIR C9041 nm
12Dubuque Regional Airport (KDBQ)Tri Township Airport (KSFY)TORMRT12KING AIR C9034 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 461 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: KBJILeg: 1 To: KGPZLeg: 2 To: KAITLeg: 3 To: KBRDLeg: 4 To: KLXLLeg: 5 To: KSTCLeg: 6 To: KSTPLeg: 7 To: KRGKLeg: 8 To: KONALeg: 9 To: KLSELeg: 10 To: KPDCLeg: 11 To: KDBQLeg: 12 To: KSFYComplete
1Pat Leclerc - MEC0157
2Dave Anderson - MEC0025
3Tom Taylor - MEC0031
4Gideon Culpepper - MEC0005
5Todd Cox - MEC0002            
6William Podolak - MEC0011
7Nick Koos - MEC0045
8Gary Barns - MEC0032
9Thierry Debelle - MEC0003          
10Greg Joyner - MEC0184
11Steward Airborn - MEC0218
12Jerry Hayman - MEC0001             
13Drew Ritz - MEC0028    
14RAOUF RIZK - MEC0318   
15Paul Rowen - MEC0336             
16Thomas Pritchard - MEC0535
17Gary Brooks - MEC0542
18Bob Mitchell - MEC0541
19John Stewart - MEC0557

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