US GA Tour – Northeast Tour Details

Status: Active
Description: We continue the GA Tour of the US by visiting the states of New York, Maine, Connecticut and Rhode Island. This tour will take you to some wonderful sites and hit two pretty famous airports in Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. You will find the routes in our scheduled routes. For airports that have a 3 digit ICAO if you can’t find it in your sim put a K in front of the 3 digits. Thanks to Steve K. for all the hard work on this one. These GA Tours were built for GA aircraft but with Mirage, as usual, you may fly any aircraft of your choosing. Just be sure you have the fuel needed and can manage the runway length. Thanks to Greg J at MacAir for this tour, however, Pat and I decided to build it in reverse from theirs. Enjoy the flights!
US GA Tour – Northeast

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Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Montauk Airport (KMTP)Waterbury Oxford Airport (KOXC)TORGAT061KING AIR C9060 nm
2Waterbury Oxford Airport (KOXC)Groton New London Airport (KGON)TORGAT062KING AIR C9050 nm
3Groton New London Airport (KGON)Nantucket Memorial Airport (KACK)TORGAT063KING AIR C9090 nm
4Nantucket Memorial Airport (KACK)Marthas Vineyard Airport (KMVY)TORGAT064KING AIR C9026 nm
5Marthas Vineyard Airport (KMVY)Windham Airport (KIJD)TORGAT065KING AIR C9074 nm
6Windham Airport (KIJD)Dillant Hopkins Airport (KEEN)TORGAT066KING AIR C9069 nm
7Dillant Hopkins Airport (KEEN)Walter J Koladza Airport (KGBR)TORGAT067KING AIR C9066 nm
8Walter J Koladza Airport (KGBR)Tri Cities Airport (KCZG)TORGAT068KING AIR C90120 nm
9Tri Cities Airport (KCZG)Dansville Municipal Airport (KDSV)TORGAT069KING AIR C9078 nm
10Dansville Municipal Airport (KDSV)Griffiss Airpark (KRME)TORGAT070KING AIR C90109 nm
11Griffiss Airpark (KRME)Plattsburgh International Airport (KPBG)TORGAT071KING AIR C90120 nm
12Plattsburgh International Airport (KPBG)Edward F Knapp State Airport (KMPV)TORGAT072KING AIR C9047 nm
13Edward F Knapp State Airport (KMPV)Concord Municipal Airport (KCON)TORGAT073KING AIR C9076 nm
14Concord Municipal Airport (KCON)Skyhaven Airport (KDAW)TORGAT074KING AIR C9026 nm
15Skyhaven Airport (KDAW)Eastern Slopes Regional Airport (KIZG)TORGAT075KING AIR C9042 nm
16Eastern Slopes Regional Airport (KIZG)Augusta State Airport (KAUG)TORGAT076KING AIR C9053 nm
17Augusta State Airport (KAUG)Hancock Co Bar Harbor Airport (KBHB)TORGAT077KING AIR C9062 nm
18Hancock Co Bar Harbor Airport (KBHB)Princeton Municipal Airport (KPNN)TORGAT078KING AIR C9056 nm
19Princeton Municipal Airport (KPNN)Houlton International Airport (KHUL)TORGAT079KING AIR C9056 nm
20Houlton International Airport (KHUL)Northern Aroostook Regional Airport (KFVE)TORGAT080KING AIR C9073 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1353 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: KMTPLeg: 1 To: KOXCLeg: 2 To: KGONLeg: 3 To: KACKLeg: 4 To: KMVYLeg: 5 To: KIJDLeg: 6 To: KEENLeg: 7 To: KGBRLeg: 8 To: KCZGLeg: 9 To: KDSVLeg: 10 To: KRMELeg: 11 To: KPBGLeg: 12 To: KMPVLeg: 13 To: KCONLeg: 14 To: KDAWLeg: 15 To: KIZGLeg: 16 To: KAUGLeg: 17 To: KBHBLeg: 18 To: KPNNLeg: 19 To: KHULLeg: 20 To: KFVEComplete
1Jon Richardson - MEC0013                     
2Dave Anderson - MEC0025
3Tom Taylor - MEC0031
4Joseph Andujar III - MEC0239                    
5RAOUF RIZK - MEC0318                    

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