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Mirage Executive Charters (MEC) is a fictional Virtual Airline geared towards advancing fun for those who have a passion for aviation. Established in 2012, MEC offer routes, charters, cargo, a dedicated TS3 Server, and the use of smartCARS and kACARS flight reporting systems. MEC is a close knit community that enjoys the hobby of flight simulation. We do not require tests or hours to fly certain aircraft or routes. we have a very small management structure and we look to our members to assist in helping MEC grow.
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Our webhosting service, Dreamhost, has informed us that they will be upgrading their PHP modules to version 7.2. Based on what we have researched, PHP 7.2 is not compatible with the existing phpVMS system that we use and would have to be heavily modified. This PHP 7.2 upgrade issue not only affects Mirage, but affect all VA using phpVMS as other web hosting services have either upgraded, or are starting to upgrade as well. The good news is that we believe we have found a solution that we are exploring that would make the site compatible with PHP 7.2. However, it also means that the look of the site may change and some services may be diminished at first as we try to figure this out. We ask for your patience over the next 2-3 weeks as we start to make changes to the site.

Current News

10/25/2019 - Real HAL Routes Added
10/07/2019 - D Day DC3 Tour Added
10/07/2019 - When you Complete Tours
10/07/2019 - Survey Comments
09/14/2019 - Pony Express Tour

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Recent Reports

Flight Number Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Submit Date Status
MCF5168 MCF0313 - John Lacerda B767-300F (NP127F) KMCO MMAA 11/19/2019 Accepted
TORGAT142 TOR0025 - Dave Anderson KING AIR C90 (N119MC) K0V7 KPGA 11/19/2019 Accepted
MCF5167 MCF0013 - Jon Richardson KING AIR C90 (N119MC) KBHB KBOS 11/19/2019 Accepted
MCF5166 MCF0197 - Eric Faber B747-400ER (N543ER) KMEM PANC 11/19/2019 Accepted
TORGAT141 TOR0025 - Dave Anderson KING AIR C90 (N119MC) KFMN K0V7 11/19/2019 Accepted

Live Map

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Newest Pilots

MEC0316 US Brandon Jarvie
MEC0315 AF Alex Foster
MEC0313 US John Lacerda
MEC0312 US Rachid Fakhoury
MEC0311 US Brian Sommers

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