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Mirage Executive Charters (MEC) is a fictional Virtual Airline geared towards advancing fun for those who have a passion for aviation. Established in 2012, MEC offer routes, charters, cargo, a dedicated TS3 Server, and the use of smartCARS and kACARS flight reporting systems. MEC is a close knit community that enjoys the hobby of flight simulation. We do not require tests or hours to fly certain aircraft or routes. we have a very small management structure and we look to our members to assist in helping MEC grow.
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Current News

05/13/2018 - Discord will Replace Teamspeak
04/24/2018 - Post Tours Completed
04/12/2018 - Teamspeak Server
04/12/2018 - Teamspeak Server
04/12/2018 - Partner Award Badge

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Recent Reports

Flight Number Pilot Aircraft Departure Arrival Submit Date Status
MCF3025 MCF0174 - Henry McMahan PILATUS PC12 (N919MC) KDFW KCNM 05/24/2018 Approval Pending
TORTC204 TOR0184 - Greg Joyner 208B (N105MC) KVIH KSGF 05/24/2018 Accepted
MEC4250 MEC0031 - Tom Taylor C185 (N790MC) KRNT S93 05/24/2018 Accepted
MECSWA1252 MEC0011 - William Podolak B737-800 (N101HA) KTPA KIND 05/24/2018 Accepted
MECSWA334 MEC0011 - William Podolak B737-800 (N101HA) KDCA KTPA 05/24/2018 Accepted

Live Map

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Newest Pilots

MEC0221 NL Erik Schlijper
MEC0220 US Ron Gregory
MEC0219 GB Peter Goodman
MEC0218 NL Steward Airborn
MEC0217 US Alex Gowen

Partner Sites

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