Pony Express Tour Details

Status: Active
Description: The Pony Express was a mail service that operated for 18 months in 1860 & 1861. It operated between Saint Joseph, MO. and Sacramento, CA. The Pony Express trail was 1,966 miles long and had approx. 180 stations along its route. It took riders 10 days to travel the route. Each rider would ride 75-100 miles, switching horses every 10-15 miles. This Tour will begin in Saint Joseph, fly over the central plains, over the Rockies, thru the Utah-Nevada desert and finally over the Sierra's & into Sacramento. Thanks to Jim (MEC0235) for creating the Tour for us.
Pony Express

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Rosecrans Memorial Airport (KSTJ)Marysville Municipal Airport (KMYZ)TORPEX101KING AIR C9080 nm
2Marysville Municipal Airport (KMYZ)Kearney Municipal Airport (KEAR)TORPEX102KING AIR C90121 nm
3Kearney Municipal Airport (KEAR)North Platte Regional Airport Lee Bird Field (KLBF)TORPEX103KING AIR C9079 nm
4North Platte Regional Airport Lee Bird Field (KLBF)Julesburg Municipal Airport (K7V8)TORPEX104KING AIR C9075 nm
5Julesburg Municipal Airport (K7V8)Western Nebraska Regional Airport (KBFF)TORPEX105KING AIR C9079 nm
6Western Nebraska Regional Airport (KBFF)Natrona County International Airport (KCPR)TORPEX106KING AIR C90142 nm
7Natrona County International Airport (KCPR)Fort Bridger Airport (KFBR)TORPEX107KING AIR C90198 nm
8Fort Bridger Airport (KFBR)Salt Lake City Municipal 2 Airport (KU42)TORPEX108KING AIR C9085 nm
9Salt Lake City Municipal 2 Airport (KU42)Goshute Airport (UT65)TORPEX109KING AIR C9098 nm
10Goshute Airport (UT65)Austin Airport (K9U3)TORPEX110KING AIR C90152 nm
11Austin Airport (K9U3)Carson Airport (KCXP)TORPEX111KING AIR C90118 nm
12Carson Airport (KCXP)Lake Tahoe Airport (KTVL)TORPEX112KING AIR C9022 nm
13Lake Tahoe Airport (KTVL)Placerville Airport (KPVF)TORPEX113KING AIR C9037 nm
14Placerville Airport (KPVF)Sacramento Executive Airport (KSAC)TORPEX114KING AIR C9037 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1323 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: KSTJLeg: 1 To: KMYZLeg: 2 To: KEARLeg: 3 To: KLBFLeg: 4 To: K7V8Leg: 5 To: KBFFLeg: 6 To: KCPRLeg: 7 To: KFBRLeg: 8 To: KU42Leg: 9 To: UT65Leg: 10 To: K9U3Leg: 11 To: KCXPLeg: 12 To: KTVLLeg: 13 To: KPVFLeg: 14 To: KSACComplete
1Rick Peabody - MEC0180     
2Tom Taylor - MEC0031
3Dave Anderson - MEC0025
4William Podolak - MEC0011            
5Jim Cruse - MEC0279
6Jerry Hayman - MEC0001
7Peter Goodman - MEC0219
8Pat Leclerc - MEC0157
9Gary Barns - MEC0032
10Jim SIMS - MEC0235
11RAOUF RIZK - MEC0318               

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