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Status: Active
Description: Seaplane Operations: Florida Descrption: Florida is one of the most seaplane friendly states in the United States. Opportunities to fly seaplanes are everywhere in Florida from great salt water flying in the Florida Keys to amazing amount of inland lakes in Central Florida to salt and fresh water flying in the northeast of the state. Flying in South Florida can be more difficult as the inter coastal waterway is controlled by various local governments and development along the waterway makes it difficult to safely operate seaplanes in it. Pretty much any body of water is open to land except for the Everglades because it is a protected area. You will start your adventure at Florida's best known and pretty much famous Jack Brown's Seaplane base. There you will head south along the western Suncoast, down to the Keys, up to Miami, and around the state. You will be landing at different bodies of water from salt to fresh. Depending on your simulator, not all seaplane bases may be in them, but the good news you are not landing at an airport, but on water. Make sure you save your flight in case your simulator doesn't have that base listed. What are you waiting for, time to get your feet wet. Note: Orlando Seaplane base is FL5, but for some reason skyvector has it listed as FL15. This tour was built by MEC011 Bill P.
Florida Seaplane Ops

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Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Jack Browns Seaplane Base (F57)Lake Tarpon Seaplane Base (FA84)TORFSP101DHC6-30051 nm
2Lake Tarpon Seaplane Base (FA84)Caloosa Downtown Seaplane Base (29FA)TORFSP102DHC6-300100 nm
3Caloosa Downtown Seaplane Base (29FA)Plantation Key Seaplane Base (42FL)TORFSP103DHC6-300121 nm
4Plantation Key Seaplane Base (42FL)Miami Seaplane Base (X44)TORFSP104DHC6-30054 nm
5Miami Seaplane Base (X44)Lake Josephine Seaplane Base (9FL3)TORFSP105DHC6-300118 nm
6Lake Josephine Seaplane Base (9FL3)Lake Marian Seaplane Base (80FA)TORFSP106DHC6-30035 nm
7Lake Marian Seaplane Base (80FA)Fulton Seaplane Base (0FD6)TORFSP107DHC6-30032 nm
8Fulton Seaplane Base (0FD6)Moon Landing Seaplane Base (FD21)TORFSP108DHC6-30046 nm
9Moon Landing Seaplane Base (FD21)Orlando Seaplane Base (FL5)TORFSP109DHC6-30028 nm
10Orlando Seaplane Base (FL5)Eagles Nest Aerodrome (FD44)TORFSP110DHC6-30048 nm
11Eagles Nest Aerodrome (FD44)Doctors Lake Seaplane Base (62FD)TORFSP111DHC6-30042 nm
12Doctors Lake Seaplane Base (62FD)Grand Lagoon Seaplane Base (4FD5)TORFSP112DHC6-300207 nm
13Grand Lagoon Seaplane Base (4FD5)Manatee Seaplane Base (FD80)TORFSP113DHC6-300148 nm
14Manatee Seaplane Base (FD80)Lake Panaasoffkee Seaplane Base (4FA7)TORFSP114DHC6-30062 nm
15Lake Panaasoffkee Seaplane Base (4FA7)Tavares Seaplane Base (FA1)TORFSP115DHC6-30021 nm
16Tavares Seaplane Base (FA1)Oak Harbor Seaplane Base (FA73)TORFSP116DHC6-30040 nm
17Oak Harbor Seaplane Base (FA73)ONeals Seaplane Base (FA94)TORFSP117DHC6-30025 nm
18ONeals Seaplane Base (FA94)Goddard Seadrome Seaplane Base (FD46)TORFSP118DHC6-30032 nm
19Goddard Seadrome Seaplane Base (FD46)Jack Browns Seaplane Base (F57)TORFSP119DHC6-30023 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1233 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: F57Leg: 1 To: FA84Leg: 2 To: 29FALeg: 3 To: 42FLLeg: 4 To: X44Leg: 5 To: 9FL3Leg: 6 To: 80FALeg: 7 To: 0FD6Leg: 8 To: FD21Leg: 9 To: FL5Leg: 10 To: FD44Leg: 11 To: 62FDLeg: 12 To: 4FD5Leg: 13 To: FD80Leg: 14 To: 4FA7Leg: 15 To: FA1Leg: 16 To: FA73Leg: 17 To: FA94Leg: 18 To: FD46Leg: 19 To: F57Complete
1William Podolak - MEC0011
2Alexandru Bangala - MEC0361                   
3Dave Anderson - MEC0025                    
4Tom Taylor - MEC0031
5RAOUF RIZK - MEC0318                  
6Carl Scott - MEC0527
7Nick Koos - MEC0045                    

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