Alaska Saturdays Tour Details

Status: Active
Description: This Tour coincides with the online Saturday Flight Group flights. The Tour covers approximately 1,900 NM and starts from Eareckson Air Station (formerly Shemya Air Force Base) which is a USAF military airport located on the island of Shemya, in the Alaskan Aleutian Islands, and is located approximately 1500 miles southwest of Anchorage, the Tour end point.

The Tour has been set up for all sims, however, there are three airports that have different IDs in P3Dv4. Those airports are King Cove (KVC), Perryville (AK5), and Pilot Point (PNP).

P3Dv4 Pilots will need to remember this when flight planning for Legs 6 through 10.

NOTAM: C05 and 9A8 are correct ICAO identifiers for those airports.

NOTAM: You can use any aircraft that corresponds with the leg distance. 0-100NM = small GA and Bush planes; 100-200 = airliners, commuters, business, or cargo aircraft, 200+ = airliners, cargo, military.

NOTE: for 2020 pilots be aware PASY scenery is available from and C05 is actually PFCB in 2020.
Alaska Saturdays

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Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Eareckson Air Station (PASY)Adak Airport (PADK)TORAKSF001DUKE TURBINE343 nm
2Adak Airport (PADK)Atka Airport (PAAK)TORAKSF002DUKE TURBINE92 nm
3Atka Airport (PAAK)Unalaska Airport (PADU)TORAKSF003DUKE TURBINE294 nm
4Unalaska Airport (PADU)Cold Bay Airport (PACD)TORAKSF004DUKE TURBINE154 nm
5Cold Bay Airport (PACD)King Cove Airport (PAVC)TORAKSF005DUKE TURBINE17 nm
6King Cove Airport (PAVC)Sand Point Airport (PASD)TORAKSF006DUKE TURBINE61 nm
7Sand Point Airport (PASD)Perryville Airport (PAPE)TORAKSF007DUKE TURBINE58 nm
8Perryville Airport (PAPE)Port Heiden Airport (PAPH)TORAKSF008DUKE TURBINE65 nm
9Port Heiden Airport (PAPH)Pilot Point Airport (PAPN)TORAKSF009DUKE TURBINE51 nm
10Pilot Point Airport (PAPN)Ugashik (9A8)TORAKSF010DUKE TURBINE6 nm
11Ugashik (9A8)Egegik Airport (PAII)TORAKSF011DUKE TURBINE39 nm
12Egegik Airport (PAII)King Salmon Airport (PAKN)TORAKSF012DUKE TURBINE37 nm
13King Salmon Airport (PAKN)Kodiak Airport (PADQ)TORAKSF013DUKE TURBINE143 nm
14Kodiak Airport (PADQ)Homer Airport (PAHO)TORAKSF014DUKE TURBINE118 nm
15Homer Airport (PAHO)Kenai Municipal Airport (PAEN)TORAKSF015DUKE TURBINE56 nm
16Kenai Municipal Airport (PAEN)Seward Airport (PAWD)TORAKSF016DUKE TURBINE60 nm
17Seward Airport (PAWD)Chenega Bay (C05)TORAKSF017DUKE TURBINE43 nm
18Chenega Bay (C05)Merle K Mudhole Smith Airport (PACV)TORAKSF018DUKE TURBINE79 nm
19Merle K Mudhole Smith Airport (PACV)Valdez Pioneer Field (PAVD)TORAKSF019DUKE TURBINE45 nm
20Valdez Pioneer Field (PAVD)Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (PANC)TORAKSF020DUKE TURBINE109 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1870 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: PASYLeg: 1 To: PADKLeg: 2 To: PAAKLeg: 3 To: PADULeg: 4 To: PACDLeg: 5 To: PAVCLeg: 6 To: PASDLeg: 7 To: PAPELeg: 8 To: PAPHLeg: 9 To: PAPNLeg: 10 To: 9A8Leg: 11 To: PAIILeg: 12 To: PAKNLeg: 13 To: PADQLeg: 14 To: PAHOLeg: 15 To: PAENLeg: 16 To: PAWDLeg: 17 To: C05Leg: 18 To: PACVLeg: 19 To: PAVDLeg: 20 To: PANCComplete
1Jerry Hayman - MEC0001
2Jon Richardson - MEC0013
3William Podolak - MEC0011
4Dave Anderson - MEC0025                   
5Gary Barns - MEC0032
6Thierry Debelle - MEC0003  
7Greg Joyner - MEC0184
8Jim Cruse - MEC0279
9Todd - Ret. Cox - MEC0002
10Joacim Olsson - MEC0334
11Jeff Hoffman - MEC0007
12Tom Taylor - MEC0031
13Paul Rowen - MEC0336
14Gary Brooks - MEC0542
15Peter Goodman - MEC0219
16RAOUF RIZK - MEC0318                    

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