Mirage Long Runway Tour Tour Details

Status: Active
Description: this tour is for big planes only. Fire up your favorite heavy airplane and have fun with this tour.

You will notice that the tour is to military bases. This is also to recognize our men and women in uniform during this holiday season.

NOTE: MCAS YUMA (KYUM) is now KNYL. So in XPlane, use KNYL for routing. P3D and FSX use KYUM.
Mirage Long Runway Tour

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Fairchild Air Force Base (KSKA)Mountain Home Air Force Base (KMUO)TORLRW01B747-400ERF285 nm
2Mountain Home Air Force Base (KMUO)Fallon Naval Air Station (KNFL)TORLRW02B747-400ERF252 nm
3Fallon Naval Air Station (KNFL)Lemoore Naval Air Station (KNLC)TORLRW03B747-400ERF194 nm
4Lemoore Naval Air Station (KNLC)Edwards Air Force Base (KEDW)TORLRW04B747-400ERF132 nm
5Edwards Air Force Base (KEDW)MCAS Yuma (KYUM)TORLRW05B747-400ERF212 nm
6MCAS Yuma (KYUM)Davis Monthan Air Force Base (KDMA)TORLRW06B747-400ERF191 nm
7Davis Monthan Air Force Base (KDMA)Biggs Army Air Field (KBIF)TORLRW07B747-400ERF230 nm
8Biggs Army Air Field (KBIF)Hill Air Force Base (KHIF)TORLRW08B747-400ERF618 nm
9Hill Air Force Base (KHIF)Minot International Airport (KMOT)TORLRW09B747-400ERF625 nm
10Minot International Airport (KMOT)Ellsworth Air Force Base (KRCA)TORLRW10B747-400ERF258 nm
11Ellsworth Air Force Base (KRCA)City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport (KCOS)TORLRW11B747-400ERF328 nm
12City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport (KCOS)Altus Air Force Base (KLTS)TORLRW12B747-400ERF360 nm
13Altus Air Force Base (KLTS)Columbus Air Force Base (KCBM)TORLRW13B747-400ERF541 nm
14Columbus Air Force Base (KCBM)Robins Air Force Base (KWRB)TORLRW14B747-400ERF251 nm
15Robins Air Force Base (KWRB)Eglin Air Force Base (KVPS)TORLRW15B747-400ERF198 nm
16Eglin Air Force Base (KVPS)Nasa Shuttle Landing Facility Airport (KTTS)TORLRW16B747-400ERF324 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 4999 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: KSKALeg: 1 To: KMUOLeg: 2 To: KNFLLeg: 3 To: KNLCLeg: 4 To: KEDWLeg: 5 To: KYUMLeg: 6 To: KDMALeg: 7 To: KBIFLeg: 8 To: KHIFLeg: 9 To: KMOTLeg: 10 To: KRCALeg: 11 To: KCOSLeg: 12 To: KLTSLeg: 13 To: KCBMLeg: 14 To: KWRBLeg: 15 To: KVPSLeg: 16 To: KTTSComplete
1Greg Joyner - MEC0184               
2Todd Cox - MEC0002               
3Garo Soghomonian - MEC0282
4Rod Denison - MEC0256        
5Jerry Hayman - MEC0001     
6Tom Taylor - MEC0031
7Michael Lapp - MEC0162             
8Peter Goodman - MEC0219
9Richard Baker - MEC0307
10RAOUF RIZK - MEC0318                 

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