US GA 4 New Mexico Tour Details

Status: Active
Description: Welcome to New Mexico and the start of the “unofficial” Four Corners Tour, which are just our normal GA tours of the states surrounding the Four Corners Monument. The only thing unique to these tours is that you’ll begin and end each one at the Four Corners Regional Airport in Farmington, New Mexico (KFMN), which is the closest airport to the monument. This allows you to start one tour right after the other, and you can complete them in any order that you wish. I made New Mexico the first tour of the series only because it’s where the origin airport resides. Thanks to Steve K. for all the leg work. These GA Tours were built for GA aircraft but with Mirage, as usual, you may fly any aircraft of your choosing. Just be sure you have the fuel needed and can manage the runway length. Thanks to Greg J at MacAir for this tour, however, Pat and I decided to build it in reverse from theirs. Enjoy the flights!
US GA 4 New Mexico

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Four Corners Regional Airport (KFMN)Black Rock Airport (KZUN)TORGAT081KING AIR C90103 nm
2Black Rock Airport (KZUN)Double Eagle II Airport (KAEG)TORGAT082KING AIR C9098 nm
3Double Eagle II Airport (KAEG)Las Vegas Municipal Airport (KLVS)TORGAT083KING AIR C9086 nm
4Las Vegas Municipal Airport (KLVS)Santa Rosa Route 66 Airport (KSXU)TORGAT084KING AIR C9050 nm
5Santa Rosa Route 66 Airport (KSXU)Sandia Airpark Estates East Airport (K1N1)TORGAT085KING AIR C9076 nm
6Sandia Airpark Estates East Airport (K1N1)Socorro Municipal Airport (KONM)TORGAT086KING AIR C9074 nm
7Socorro Municipal Airport (KONM)Truth Or Consequences Municipal Airport (KTCS)TORGAT087KING AIR C9051 nm
8Truth Or Consequences Municipal Airport (KTCS)Whiskey Creek Airport (K94E)TORGAT088KING AIR C9055 nm
9Whiskey Creek Airport (K94E)Gray Ranch Airport (NM64)TORGAT089KING AIR C9085 nm
10Gray Ranch Airport (NM64)Deming Municipal Airport (KDMN)TORGAT090KING AIR C9076 nm
11Deming Municipal Airport (KDMN)El Paso International Airport (KELP)TORGAT091KING AIR C9074 nm
12El Paso International Airport (KELP)Alamogordo White Sands Regional Airport (KALM)TORGAT092KING AIR C9065 nm
13Alamogordo White Sands Regional Airport (KALM)Cavern City Air Terminal (KCNM)TORGAT093KING AIR C9092 nm
14Cavern City Air Terminal (KCNM)Roswell International Air Center Airport (KROW)TORGAT094KING AIR C9059 nm
15Roswell International Air Center Airport (KROW)Clovis Municipal Airport (KCVN)TORGAT095KING AIR C9099 nm
16Clovis Municipal Airport (KCVN)Conchas Lake Airport (KE89)TORGAT096KING AIR C9078 nm
17Conchas Lake Airport (KE89)Taos Regional Airport (KSKX)TORGAT097KING AIR C9098 nm
18Taos Regional Airport (KSKX)Los Alamos Airport (KLAM)TORGAT098KING AIR C9045 nm
19Los Alamos Airport (KLAM)Jicarilla Apache Nation Airport (K24N)TORGAT099KING AIR C9064 nm
20Jicarilla Apache Nation Airport (K24N)Four Corners Regional Airport (KFMN)TORGAT100KING AIR C9065 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 1493 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: KFMNLeg: 1 To: KZUNLeg: 2 To: KAEGLeg: 3 To: KLVSLeg: 4 To: KSXULeg: 5 To: K1N1Leg: 6 To: KONMLeg: 7 To: KTCSLeg: 8 To: K94ELeg: 9 To: NM64Leg: 10 To: KDMNLeg: 11 To: KELPLeg: 12 To: KALMLeg: 13 To: KCNMLeg: 14 To: KROWLeg: 15 To: KCVNLeg: 16 To: KE89Leg: 17 To: KSKXLeg: 18 To: KLAMLeg: 19 To: K24NLeg: 20 To: KFMNComplete
1Rick Peabody - MEC0180                  
2Adam Poincon - MEC0278                     
3Tom Taylor - MEC0031                     

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